Grillerei IHSM und Soziale Arbeit Master – BBQ

The two Master studies of International Health and Social Management and Soziale Arbeit have decided to join together to socialize and share experiences in the different sectors. Having courses together, a dinner seemed like a great idea. The idea for the BBQ came to be as it would need collaboration and team work in order to make it happen for a large group like this. As the group of Soziale Arbeit had an exam in the afternoon, the group IHSM decided to do all the shopping and started the fireplace so that the other group could just join. This went smoothly as a lot of people helped to go shopping and we found a beautiful spot by the Inn. During the BBQ and when the group Soziale Arbeit joined we mixed and mingled as we were all interested to meet each other. We had meat, cheese, bread and vegetables to include all eating habits. The atmosphere was very well and people stayed even after the sun went down. Overall it was a great success and we had the chance to make new friends and maybe even future connections. The feedback was positive and the evening will be remembered.