Magdalena Posch is the new chairwoman of the öh mci

Magdalena Posch
During the last ordinary meeting, the position of the chairwoman had to be filled again. For this a secret election was carried out. According to the election result, Magdalena Posch was entrusted with the vacant office. Magdalena Posch previously had the Department of Culture and International Affairs. In this position, she has sought a low-threshold cultural offer, which is supported by European values and aims at intercultural exchange. For her new position, she has set herself the goal of representing the interests of students in accordance with ethical guidelines and, in particular, to take into account the interests of marginalized groups.
“It is very important to me to make this substitution process as participative as possible. Therefore, I invite all students to bring forward their suggestions and ideas, as well as their criticisms on an ongoing basis.”
One possibility for participation is provided by the monthly meetings and public meetings of the university representation.

About Magdalena

In her new duty, Magdalena can draw on her experience in the past six years as a student at MCI. She began her bachelor’s degree in “Nonprofit, Social and Health Management” and continued her education with a master’s degree in “Social Work, Social Policy and Management” and has now reached half of her second master’s degree in Management, Communication and IT. In addition, the Erasmus program gave her the opportunity to gain experience in Prague and Krakow.