On the 22nd of October the first student meeting took place this year and therefore the first ever event of this kind took place at the MCI. This assembly is the democracy-political heavyweight defined in the University Students Act (HSG). All students present have the right to speak and to apply; accepted applications must be treated as mandatory at the next meeting of the university representation. This year, decisions were taken on attendance, ÖH newsletters, microwaves at the MCI and the new MCI building. In addition to a brief presentation of the activities of öh mci by Magdalena and Alex, the students present also had the opportunity to listen to the remarks of Rector Altmann on the stand in the Causa Neubau and to ask questions. Although all students received a personal invitation, only 25 students participated in the meeting. The cost of the meeting is just under € 50 (minutes) and at least 10 voluntary hours have been invested. You will soon find the minutes of the meeting here. We look forward to welcoming more students in the next semester (Monday, March 11, 2019, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm). Prepare applications and actively organize your ÖH.

öh mci facts

10 hours volunteering work
50 € costs
25 involved persons