Can sea rescue be a crime? On 29. 11. 2018 about 200 students of the MCI followed this question with the film “Iuventa”; in the Leokino. Since 2016, the Iuventa has been sailing with the organisation “Jugend Rettet”; as a sea rescue ship on the Mediterranean Sea, saving refugees from drowning. After the movie, the former sailor of the “Sea watch” (also a sea rescue ship) and founder and member of RESQSHIP: Friedrich Reich was available for a panel discussion! In the context of this event, donations amounting more than 600 euros were collected and handed over in equal parts to the Asylum Platform of the Resqship Association. Involved Students: Samuel Kok, Katja Engl, Melanie Faux, Maria Fischer, Helena Elsenwenger and Josefa from Young Caritas.

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