Report: Iuventa

Can sea rescue be a crime? On 29. 11. 2018 about 200 students of the MCI followed this question with the film “Iuventa”; in the Leokino. Since 2016, the Iuventa has been sailing with the organisation “Jugend Rettet”; as a sea rescue ship on the Mediterranean Sea, saving refugees from drowning. After the movie, the former sailor of the “Sea watch” (also a sea rescue ship) and founder and member of RESQSHIP: Friedrich Reich was available for a panel discussion! In the context of this event, donations amounting more than 600 euros were collected and handed over in equal parts to the Asylum Platform of the Resqship Association. Involved Students: Samuel Kok, Katja Engl, Melanie Faux, Maria Fischer, Helena Elsenwenger and Josefa from Young Caritas.

öh mci facts

hours volunteering work
700 €
involved persons


Student Convent

On the 22nd of October the first student meeting took place this year and therefore the first ever event of this kind took place at the MCI. This assembly is the democracy-political heavyweight defined in the University Students Act (HSG). All students present have the right to speak and to apply; accepted applications must be treated as mandatory at the next meeting of the university representation. This year, decisions were taken on attendance, ÖH newsletters, microwaves at the MCI and the new MCI building. In addition to a brief presentation of the activities of öh mci by Magdalena and Alex, the students present also had the opportunity to listen to the remarks of Rector Altmann on the stand in the Causa Neubau and to ask questions. Although all students received a personal invitation, only 25 students participated in the meeting. The cost of the meeting is just under € 50 (minutes) and at least 10 voluntary hours have been invested. You will soon find the minutes of the meeting here. We look forward to welcoming more students in the next semester (Monday, March 11, 2019, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm). Prepare applications and actively organize your ÖH.

öh mci facts

10 hours volunteering work
50 € costs
25 involved persons

Pizza, Beer and Ethics

On October 24th and November 7th our first two parts of “Pizza, Beer and Ethics” took place. Interested students, friends and all other Innsbruckers should get an insight into the topics business and business ethics, the principles of responsible corporate governance (PRME), the sustainability goals (SDGs) and the student network SNEEP ethics in business and practice). öh mci is actively supporting this network in the start-up phase and was delighted with the many enthusiastic students who followed the presentations by Regina Obexer, Johannes Dickel, Magdalena Posch and Alexander Auer and who had their first interesting discussions about ethics.

öh mci facts

10 hours volunteering work
173,80 € costs
32 involved persons



Citizens’ round table 29.10.2018

Last Monday our first ctizens’ round table took place. In the presence of vice mayer Mag. Christine Opitz-Plörer, Mag. Stephan Bertel from the GPA-djp and former longtime National Council member Walter Guggenberger discussed many interesting questions on the subject of “work in Europe”. We would like to thank the Bürgerforum Europa for the joint organization of this successful event.

Citizens’ round table 2018/10/29

öh mci facts

8 hours volunteering work
31 € costs
11 involved persons


Magdalena Posch

Magdalena Posch is the new chairwoman of the öh mci

During the last ordinary meeting, the position of the chairwoman had to be filled again. For this a secret election was carried out. According to the election result, Magdalena Posch was entrusted with the vacant office. Magdalena Posch previously had the Department of Culture and International Affairs. In this position, she has sought a low-threshold cultural offer, which is supported by European values and aims at intercultural exchange. For her new position, she has set herself the goal of representing the interests of students in accordance with ethical guidelines and, in particular, to take into account the interests of marginalized groups.
“It is very important to me to make this substitution process as participative as possible. Therefore, I invite all students to bring forward their suggestions and ideas, as well as their criticisms on an ongoing basis.”
One possibility for participation is provided by the monthly meetings and public meetings of the university representation.

About Magdalena

In her new duty, Magdalena can draw on her experience in the past six years as a student at MCI. She began her bachelor’s degree in “Nonprofit, Social and Health Management” and continued her education with a master’s degree in “Social Work, Social Policy and Management” and has now reached half of her second master’s degree in Management, Communication and IT. In addition, the Erasmus program gave her the opportunity to gain experience in Prague and Krakow.

Registration for Yoga and Physical Training

Due to the high demand to our Yoga and Physical Training sessions we unfortunately have to introduce a registration for our sport events.  In case of exceeding the maximum number of visitors, the registrations will be chosen according to the first-come-first-serve-principle, whereby active MCI students will be ranked before. The registrations are made individually for each appointment. Registrations are only possible for the next appointment in advance.

If your are a MCI student, please use your address.

* Required

——– How does the registration work in detail? Registration is possible for every single Yoga and Physical Training session in advance. One day before the session (Sunday evening), all registered persons will be notified if they are allowed to attend the event or not. After the confirmation, we hope for a reliable attendance at the event. In case of cancellation it is possible to register for the next appointment. Why do we have to ask for an registration? Unfortunately, we have to ask for a registration for our sports events, because the quality of the events can not be guaranteed with a hight amount of participants.

Avalanche Course

This year again our avalanche course takes place! Theoretical Part: Basics of snow and avalanche knowledge, conditions, terrain and human, from planning to decision-making and behavior in the field. No registration for the theoretical part required.   Practical Part As an extension to the theoretical part, the practical day will take place again this year. Contents Interpretation Avalanche situation report, practical snow, avalanche and terrain knowledge, behavior in terrain, behavior in avalanche emergency and avalanche rescue (dealing with the avalanche victim search, probe and shovel The practical day will take place in a ski area. Which will be decided depending on the snow conditions and announced before the event. Attention: The course is limited to a maximum of 8 participants!


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