Fund for special projects

The fund for special projects of the öh mci serves to support projects of MCI students, which can not be fed from other funds. These projects have to deal with issues that are relevant for students or are mainly supported by students. Special projects are projects that address one of the following target groups:
  • At least one or more departments of the MCI
  • all MCI students
  • the entire student body in Innsbruck, Tyrol or Austria.
It is not possible to promote projects and actions already carried out at the time of application (according to the entry stamp). The project to be funded may not be in the planning phase until then. Special project funding can only be applied for for the entire project and is only granted for specific project areas. The promoted project areas must have clearly billable expenditures. The student body at the MCI Management Center Innsbruck is to be cited as supporter of all publications related to the promotion of a special project (brochures, event announcements, etc.). This can be done with the addition “promoted project of the öh mci”, as well as the attachment of the logo of the university students. For more information on funding, see the directive promoting special projects. Applications must be sent to using the form and all the supplements specified in the guideline.