• Summer Semester 2020

    Summer Semester 2020

  • Funding directives (Krisentopf)

    Funding directives (Krisentopf)

  • Report: Iuventa

    Report: Iuventa

    Can sea rescue be a crime? On 29. 11. 2018 about 200 students of the MCI followed this question with the film “Iuventa”; in the Leokino. Since 2016, the Iuventa has been sailing with the organisation “Jugend Rettet”; as a sea rescue ship on the Mediterranean Sea, saving refugees from drowning. After the movie, the …Read More »
  • Auditorium Cinema December 2018

    Auditorium Cinema December 2018

    On 3rd of December we wanted to celebrate the International Day of Disability. We already turned one of MCI’s lecture rooms into a cinema and projected the movie title on the wall: “The Theory of Everything. The story of Stephen Hawking” However, we waited in vain for spectators.Read More »
  • Auditorium Cinema November 2018

    Auditorium Cinema November 2018

    On 19th of November we celebrated the International Men’s Day. We had the pleasure to turn one of MCI’s lecture rooms into a cinema in order to watch the movie „MILK“, named after Harvey Milk, an American politician and civil rights activist, especially fighting for gay rights. We were very happy, that many international students …Read More »